nutriSCOPE in a Nutshell

nutriSCOPE in a Nutshell

The nutriSCOPE platform is our flagship product and service.


Why does the Industry need nutriSCOPE? Why do Consumers need nutriSCOPE?


What is nutriSCOPE? What are the Consumer needs and the Industry challenges that nutriSCOPE is addressing?


How is nutriSCOPE able to challenge the status-quo and deliver the holistic solution that the Industry and the Consumers need?


Who are  the Participants/Roles in the nutriSCOPE network? Who are the stakeholders? Who benefits?


Where is nutriSCOPE operating? Deployment, network geography


nutriSCOPE Timeline - Evolution and Roadmap

Why do Industry and Consumers need nutriSCOPE?

Food Quality, Safety, Traceability and Sustainability (FQSTS) are global imperatives driven by increasing Government and Industry regulations and by higher consumer awareness of the direct correlation between quality of food and quality of life.

Food&Beverage Brand owners, Retailers and Manufacturers alike are under increasing pressure to address FQSTS requirements.

Given the ultra competitive landscape of the Food&Beverage industry and the fast commoditization of food products, Brand owners are under ever increasing pressure to develop new products faster, at higher quality and lower costs, while complying with FQSTS requirements.

The frequency and the massive impact of food recalls have highlighted major gaps in the current capabilities. The Processes are ad-hoc and reactive, usually driven by ‘tribal knowledge’. The Data is – at best – inaccurate or outdated (mostly paper, spreadsheet, email), while the existing Systems have limited scope and cater to the big players, being cost prohibitive for the rest of the Supply Chain.

Food Quality Safety, Traceability and Sustainability (FQSTS) represent the Holy Grail of the Food&Beverage Industry.

There are systems and solution vendors claiming to achieve Food Quality, or Safety, or Traceability, or Sustainability, or all of the above. However, most are addressing these in isolation; they usually rely on data duplicated from other systems, thus delegating the trust to third party systems and to the data collection people/process. Furthermore, they are working on static snapshots of data that are usually outdated by the time of usage.
These solutions are failing to see (and address) the full picture.

FQSTS is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot more under than above the water.

Full, accurate and trusted FQSTS capability can only be achieved effectively through a holistic solution that includes Brand owners, Retailers, Manufacturers and their entire Supply Chain, down to the farm level.

Such solution must include a comprehensive set of features and capabilities, such as: data and process transparency and compliance, supplier management and compliance, quality processes integrated across Supply Chain, collaboration throughout the full lifecycle of the Product.

What is nutriSCOPE?
What are the Consumer needs and the Industry challenges?

nutriSCOPE is NOT a traditional, monolithic Enterprise Application that can be categorized into a ‘silo’, by assigning an acronym label (PLM, SCM, ERP, CRM etc.).

nutriSCOPE includes Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), harmonized into a platform for Collaborative Product Definition (CPD) across Supply Chain.

Trust, Transparency and Security are built in our platform’s DNA, transcending all levels

  • Trust is intrinsic to our platform, granted by leveraging Master Data (zero data duplication) and guaranteed through Chain of Custody
  • Transparency between trading partners enables collaboration and trust
  • Security – protecting data privacy and our customers’ Intellectual Property (IP) is paramount

Traceability is a natural outcome of using nutriSCOPE. It is Trusted, Transparent and Secure, operating on both current, and historical data.

Food Quality, Safety and Sustainability, the tip of the iceberg and ultimate goal, are simply by-products, enabled and supported by processes and reports. 

nutriSCOPE implements a ‘bottom-up’ paradigm, the only way to achieve true, accurate and trusted FQSTS.

How is nutriSCOPE able to deliver the holistic solution that the Industry needs?

nutriSCOPE is a multi-tenant, cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that brings together the Food&Beverage value chain participants (Brand owners, Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, Farmers, Testing Labs, Certifying Bodies) into an interconnected, dynamic network of participants that expands organically.

The nutriSCOPE network is the foundation for lean and streamlined Collaborative Product Definition processes, enabling the participants to author, publish and consume rich and accurate Product Master Data.

‘Democratization of Data’ enables transparency and trust – Product Master Data is shared securely with Supply Chain partners, thus eliminating data duplication.


Instant availability of data, together with powerful data mining and intelligent algorithms, are enabling agile and accurate Quality processes across the Supply Chain, thus achieving the ultimate FQSTS capability, inline with consumers expectations and with governing bodies regulations.
nutriSCOPE enables the Supply Chain participants to connect and collaborate seamless, effective and secure, the same way people connect and collaborate on Social Networks.
Collaboration is facilitated by using GS1 standards – the ‘lingua franca’ of the Supply Chain.

Big Data Analysis and Intelligent Algorithms applied to the Supply Chain Master Data (trusted) are opening endless possibilities – here are just a few examples:

  • Smart Claims – identify and suggest claims that can be made on a Product by analyzing Supply Chain data at all levels (down to farm)
  • Product Match – match all products that comply with certain requirements (ex. ‘Paleo Diet’)
  • Product Composition Optimization (ex. Sodium reduction)
  • Raw Material (Ingredients) Discovery (ex. Find Organic and Non-GMO Tomatoes within 100 km)
  • Supply Chain Optimization (ex. only local suppliers)
  • What-If scenarios (ex. What is the impact if I change a Supplier?)
  • Supplier and Ingredient Compliance

Unprecedented Recall/Traceability capabilities based on current, trusted data:

  • Product Quarantine
  • Plant-Line Quarantine
  • Quarantine – instant notification of all impacted Products, Plants and Organizations
  • Instant impact analysis (ex. Find all Products using Raw Materials processed in a particular Plant/Line)

Who are the Participants/Roles in the nutriSCOPE Network?

nutriSCOPE is a network for all Food&Beverage value chain participants.

  • Organizations (Tenants) participate into the Network with their Roles – Brand Owners, Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, Farmers, Testing Labs, Certifying Bodies
  • Organizations can define their own internal Group/Team structure (Produce, Bakery, Frozen) – Group membership grants access privileges to internal user
  • Organizations can define any number of users, mapped to Groups, with Roles that are enabling Users to participate into Workflows (business processes) – Product Manager (PM), Product Developer (PD), Quality Assurance (QA), Regulatory Compliance (RA)
  • Relations between Organizations (ex: Customer-Supplier) have assigned Users with Roles, in order to facilitate effective communication across Supply Chain

Where is nutriSCOPE operating?

Food Supply Chain is Global, therefore any Supply Chain solution must also be Global

nutriSCOPE is a true Global network

  • Runs in the Cloud, serving Organizations across the globe

nutriSCOPE is prepared to accommodate location specific regulations

  • Different countries and geographical regions have different regulations

nutriSCOPE Inc. is a Canadian company, operating from Canada

  • Data is hosted on Cloud servers located in Canada

nutriSCOPE - Timeline

Traceability Pilot
Partnering with Siemens to envision and prototype a Traceability solution based on the Teamcenter PLM Platform
Vendor Collaboration Portal for Traceability and Sustainability
Pilot implementation for one of Canada’s biggest Food Retailers as a layer on top of Company’s PLM platform
Industry Consulting – PLM and Supply Chain
Refining ideas, researching technology & prototyping cloud-based Supply Chain Collaboration
Prototyping SCOPE platform in the Cloud
Implemented SCOPE platform as multi-tenant SaaS service in the Cloud
nutriSCOPE is born
Platform is branded as nutriSCOPE
SaaS Service agreement
Vendor Data Collection project for a major Food Retailer; Thousands Private Label Product Specifications; Hundreds of Vendors/Suppliers, worldwide distributed; Functionality, scalability and support model proven at Enterprise scale
nutriSCOPE ready for prime-time