About Us

Our Mission

Help making the Food safer and the Food Industry more effective by revolutionizing the way Supply Chain collaborates, through state-of-the-art technologies and processes.

Empower consumers with data and tools to support informed nutrition and purchasing decisions.

Our Story

As a company, we were born in the vacuum that exists between the promises (and the demands!) of a new era, and the status-quo of an industry that still relies heavily on paper, email and spreadsheet.

nutriSCOPE is a fusion between:

  • Decades of experience in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain (SC), envisioning and delivering solutions for some of the biggest manufacturing companies in the world
  • Decades of consulting experience in the Food&Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry
  • The enthusiasm and resourcefulness of a very passionate, talented, technology-savvy and dynamic software development team

We realized that the safety of our food is limited by the current state of a Supply Chain that hasn’t evolved with the technology, and functions like an orchestra in dissonance. Food safety, sustainabilty and traceability are challenges that have to be addressed in a systemic way, having all the Supply Chain participants actively collaborating toward achieving these goals. This is the idea behind SCOPE (Supply Chain Orchestration Peer2peer Ecosystem), a harmonious Supply Chain that functions like a well orchestrated ecosystem.

Our flagship product is nutriSCOPE, a platform like no other.

nutriSCOPE Timeline

Traceability Pilot
Partnering with Siemens to envision and prototype a Traceability solution based on the Teamcenter PLM Platform
Vendor Collaboration Portal for Traceability and Sustainability
Pilot implementation for one of Canada’s biggest Food Retailers as a layer on top of Company’s PLM platform
Industry Consulting – PLM and Supply Chain
Refining ideas, researching technology & prototyping cloud-based Supply Chain Collaboration
Prototyping SCOPE platform in the Cloud
Implemented SCOPE platform as multi-tenant SaaS service in the Cloud
nutriSCOPE is born
Platform is branded as nutriSCOPE
SaaS Service agreement
Vendor Data Collection project for a major Food Retailer; Thousands Private Label Product Specifications; Hundreds of Vendors/Suppliers, worldwide distributed; Functionality, scalability and support model proven at Enterprise scale
nutriSCOPE ready for prime-time