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Food Safety, Traceability and Sustainability (FSTS) are global imperatives driven by increasing Government and Industry regulations, and also by higher consumer awareness of the direct correlation between quality of food and quality of life.

Food&Beverage Brand owners, Retailers and Manufacturers alike are under increasing pressure to address FSTS requirements. The frequency and the massive impact of food recalls have highlighted major gaps in the current capabilities. The Processes are ad-hoc and reactive, usually driven by ‘tribal knowledge’. The Data is – at best – inaccurate (mostly paper, spreadsheet, email), while the existing Systems have limited scope and cater to the big players, being cost prohibitive for the rest of the Supply Chain.

Given the ultra competitive landscape of the Food&Beverage industry and the fast commoditization of food products, Brand owners are under ever increasing pressure to develop new products faster, at higher quality and lower costs, while complying with FSTS requirements.

Full FSTS capability can only be achieved effectively through a holistic solution that includes Brand owners, Retailers, Manufacturers and their entire Supply Chain, down to the farm level. Such solution must include a comprehensive set of features and capabilities, such as: data and process transparency and compliance, supplier management and compliance, quality processes integrated across Supply Chain, collaboration throughout the full lifecycle of the Product.

SCOPE (Supply Chain Orchestration Peer2peer Ecosystem)
SCOPE is a multi-tenant, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that brings together the Food&Beverage value chain participants (Brand owners, Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, Farmers, Testing Labs) into an interconnected, dynamic network of participants that expands organically.

The SCOPE network is the foundation for lean and streamlined Collaborative Product Definition processes, enabling the participants to author and consume rich and accurate Product Master Data. Instant availability of data, together with powerful data mining and intelligent algorithms, are enabling agile and accurate Quality processes across the Supply Chain, thus achieving the ultimate FSTS capability, inline with consumers expectations and with governing bodies regulations.

SCOPE enables the Supply Chain participants to connect and collaborate seamless, effective and secure, the same way people connect and collaborate on Social Networks.

SCOPE helps companies to develop products faster, at higher quality and lower costs, in full compliance with FSTS requirements.

Looking forward to presenting the SCOPE vision and to demonstrating its capabilities.